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Welcome To Glasstint

Established in 1983 Glasstint have worked with thousands of satisfied clients who have put their trust in our products, services and experience. We offer a full range of Window Film products as solutions to make an environment safer, more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Glass… It is something that not many buildings can do without. But what exactly does it do?

Glass helps to protect us from the outside elements and retains the view, it transmits light, heat and glare, sometimes causing discomfort or unnecessary expense, it can shatter, it is susceptible to explosions, bomb blasts or manual attacks. Here at Glasstint we can maximise the benefits and enhance glass to meet its potential whilst minimising the risks, thus creating a safer and better environment both inside and out.

Glasstint Films are proven products helping to save energy, money, and to protect an organisations reputation. Glasstint also have role to play in helping organisations to reduce the effects of climate change and carbon emissions, many of our products have a real positive effect in carbon management strategies.

We assist Governments, local Authorities, large and small business organisations, and private individuals.

Glasstint…..Protecting People, Property and the World around us.