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Temporary Films

Graffiti Guard Protection Film

Graffiti Guard Protection Film is designed to protect glass or plastic windows against etched graffiti. Acting as a sacrificial barrier it van be left as long as required then removed.

Generally used on public transport (buses, trains, underground) or buildings where there is a risk of vandalism, graffiti and tagging.

Glasstop Emergency Repair Film

  • Makes broken glass safe instantly.
  • Provides a temporary repair which can easily and effectively carried out with the minimum of disruption.
  • The perfect alternative to costly boarding up.

Glasstop Emergency Repair Film is temporary and must not be considered as a permanent repair.

Window Protection Film

Whether it is a building or construction site or you’ve got the decorators in Glasstint self adhesive window protection film gives your glazing instant temporary protection thus

  • Prevents you having to clean off heavy duty dirt, paint etc. from your windows.
  • It’s quick and easy to use and once removed takes all the dirt and grime with it.

Temp Screen

Tempscreen is the ideal product for shop-fitting companies, professional tradesman and the keen DIYer.

  • No need for scruffy, whitewash-smeared windows to hide building and decorating work during refurbishment.
  • Clean, solid white film with a strong yet removable adhesive.
  • Whether required for a few hours or many months, inside or out, TempScreen will remain in-situ for as long is required.
  • Removal is simple- just pull off and throw away!  No adhesive will stay on the glazing.

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