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Old Trafford Security Beefed Up

Friday 15th January 2016

The glazing at Manchester Uniteds famous Old Trafford  ground is receiving an application of anti-shatter film to help to protect players and spectators in the event of a bomb blast.

Glasstint Safety and Security Films can amazingly and instantly transform existing glass into super strength safety/security glass to meet United Kingdom and European Safety Glass Standards. These films are designed to make glass safer by strengthening against breakage and helping to hold dangerous shards of shattered glass in situations where breakage may occur.

A simple installation of Glasstint Clear Security Film can help improve your organisations security by providing an invisible protection barrier against forced or accidental entry through glass.

Glasstints safety/security films are a fast, convenient & cost effective way of beefing up your buildings security.

For installations please contact us on 01482 654654 or you can purchase the film directly from our online store here –¬†Glasstint Direct Safety & Security Range