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If you are a School, College, University or a Training Organisation, Glasstint can instantly change clear glass into privacy glass.  We have a range of fully opaque, one way and patterned films designed to offer you with the level of privacy you want within your educational establishment.

Keep out the prying eye, reduce vision into sensitive areas or observe without being seen the choice is yours.

If you want to totally eliminate those unsightly areas Glasstint’s privacy films also include a full Blackout, Whiteout and Total Mirror Block together with a huge range of vinyls in various colours and shades.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Less disturbance in lecture areas from communal areas and walkways.
  • Privacy and dignity for students and teaching staff young and old.
  • Instant Privacy to existing clear glass.
  • Excellent for use in partition glazing.
  • Allows full light transmission.
  • You see out – No-one sees in.
  • Cost effective solution for privacy.
  • Visible and physical security.
  • Installations are carried out by trained personnel with minimum disruption.

For more information please feel free to call us on 01482 654 654

Decorative Film installed to a classroom window for increased privacy