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UV Reduction

Ultra Violet from the sun can cause damage to store displays and goods and products in storage. The use of Glasstint ultra violet reduction films can help to protect these items from potential damage by filtering out ultra violet rays by upto 99%. They also help to reduce solar heat which also contributes towards damage to goods and products.

Glasstint have a range of window films which are virtually undetectable when applied to glass

Features and Benefits include:

  • Reduces Ultra Violet Transmission by up to 99%.
  • Helps to protect items of value and heritage.
  • Helps to protect against skin damage and other health related conditions.
  • Helps to protect items in storage and stockrooms.
  • Helps to protect against damage in display windows of stores and shops.
  • Reduces Fading.
  • Available in Combination Safety/Security and Solar Films.
  • Virtually undetectable when applied to glass.

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