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Solar Heat & Glare

Glasstint’s range of Solar Control & Glare Reduction films can help to make an environment cooler and comfortable for staff and customers alike whilst also protecting goods and products.

Environments with air conditioning can really benefit by keeping out a high percentage of the solar heat to reduce cooling costs and improve air conditioning efficiency.

Glasstint Solar Control Window Films can dramatically reduce the solar heat and glare without shutting out the view and daylight resulting in increased staff performance and customer comfort.

The light transmission through the glass windows can be better controlled to reduce the suns glare and internal evening light pollution to neighbouring areas.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Solar Heat Reduction up to 80%.
  • Increased comfort levels.
  • Solar Glare Reduction. Less eye strain.
  • Can help to meet Current Health and Safety guidelines.
  • Financial and Environmental benefits.
  • Increased Safety and Security.
  • Improved building aesthetics.
  • Reduces evening internal light pollution to neighbouring areas.
  • Installations are carried out by trained personnel with minimum disruption.

For more information please feel free to call us on 01482 654 654