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Solar Heat Control Films

This range of films offers various levels for solar heat reduction. Available in reflective finish, low sheen and new generation Nano technology films offering high light transmission and high solar heat rejection.

Solar Glare Control Films

This range of films offers various levels of light transmission to reduce glare from the sun in order to increase comfort levels. These are commonly used as a combination to also reduce solar heat gain.

Ultra Violet Radiation (U.V.) Reduction Films

Technically advanced films, available in clear, reflective and tinted finishes.

When applied to existing glass, it keeps out almost all the Ultra-Violet light, while allowing daylight and vision through the glass.

Safety Films

Designed to hold glass together and offer personal protection in the event of an impact. Upgrades existing ordinary glass to meet safety glass standards to comply with health, safety and workplace regulation 14 and building regulation document N.

Reference Safety Glass Standards BSEN12600 and BS6206.

Security Films

Generally thicker clear films designed to make glass safer by strengthening the glass and helping to hold dangerous shards of shattered glass in situations where breakage may occur. Provides a physical barrier against manual attack and impact.

Reference Safety Glass Standards BSEN12600 and EN356-P2A and UL972 (Burglary Resisting Glazing Materials).

Blast Mitigation Films

Where a risk of terrorist or industrial explosion might occur, blast mitigation films can be used and when combined with edge retention systems it gives greater protection against the dangers from flying glass.

Glass Containment Films

This clear film is generally used on glass to keep the glass contained in the event of breakage or spawling. Used in the food and packaging industries in association with glazing audits, it helps to prevent migration of glass splinters into products or packaging following the event of glass breakage.

Privacy Films

A range of films available to provide instant privacy and screening. It can be one way daytime privacy film, full obscuration, semi obscure, patterned or a complete black out film. The films allow different degrees of light and vision to suit the specification.

Tinted Films

Available in a full range of colours and shades, these films can be used for automotive applications and architectural glass to reduce solar glare, enhance glass, add privacy or create decorative effects.

Patterned Films

A range of patterned films to provide a decorative effect to glass or to create additional privacy. In addition we have the facility to create bespoke designs in coloured films or sandblast effect.

Manifestation Films

Films available in standard circles, squares, or shapes that is installed on to glass.

To comply with the current legislation for non domestic buildings, large and uninterrupted areas of transparent glazing are now required to incorporate features, which make the glazing apparent.

Bespoke designs and logo’s can be produced to the clients specification.

Films for Polycarbonate

A high-performance metalised PVC coating, which when applied to polycarbonate helps to reduce solar heat and glare. Generally used onto conservatory type polycarbonate roof panels.

Graffiti Guard Film

Graffiti Guard Protection Film is designed to protect glass or plastic windows against etched graffiti. Acting as a sacrificial barrier it can be left in place as long as required then removed restoring glass to its original condition.

Generally used on public transport (buses, trains, underground) or buildings where there is a risk of vandalism, graffiti and tagging.

Vinyl Films

Available in a huge range of colours and shades to be used for signage, corporate logos, infill panels or to create decorative effects.

Temporary Films

Temp Screen film used to obscure glass in situations for example when refurbishment work is being carried out or where a glazed area requires temporarily screening from view. Supply only.

Glasstop Emergency Repair film can be applied instantly following glass breakage as a temporary alternative to boarding up. Still allowing light transmission it will make the glass safe until a permanent repair can be carried out. Supply only.

Window Protection film. Glasstint self adhesive window protection film gives your glazing instant temporary protection during refurbishment projects. Prevents you having to clean off heavy duty dirt, paint etc. from your windows. It’s quick and easy to use and once removed takes all the dirt and grime with it. Supply only.