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Simple & Cost Effective….So Play it Safe

Tuesday 3rd June 2014

A $5 million lawsuit has just been filed against a local school board in Canada, stemming from an incident last May involving wired glass within one of its schools.

Sean Lloyd, a then 18 year old student was on his way to one of his lessons when he tried to push open a hallway door made up of mostly wired glass.  His arm proceeded to go through the glass, which broke in several places and severely tore through the muscles, nerves & tendons of his right arm (see picture below).

The injuries required major surgery and may leave him with permanent nerve damage.


The documents relating to the case list a total of 22 allegations of negligence which include that the School Board “failed to apply proper glazing or post-production impact films to the wired glass within the Premises”.

So how can an simple and cost effective installation of safety film help to prevent accidents which occur from glass breakages……

Whether it be at home, a workplace or a school Glasstints range of Safety and Security Films can amazingly and instantly transform existing glass into super strength safety/security glass to meet United Kingdom and European and world wide Safety Glass Standards. These films are designed to make glass safer by strengthening against breakage and helping to hold dangerous shards of shattered glass in situations where breakage may occur.

Did you know;

  • Around 40% of glass related accidents involve children.
  • Glasstint safety film can amazingly transform ordinary glass into super strength safety glass to meet Health and Safety regulations BS 6206 & BS EN 12600 requirements.
  • Glasstint Safety Film can conveniently and cost effectively be applied in situ to existing glass.
  • Glasstint carry out glass surveys, glazing audits and peel tests for aged safety film.

As litigation becomes more prevalent, accidents involving glass can incur compensation claims and may increase insurance premiums. Installation of Glasstint safety and security films can help to protect against financial loss, reputation and disruption in addition to keeping people safe.

Features and Benefits of Glasstints Safety Window Films include:

  • Can be applied to existing glass without the need to replace.
  • Fast, convienient and cost effective way of upgrading glass.
  • Protects people and property.
  • Meets British and European Standards BS EN 12600 (previous BS6206).
  • Meets Health and Safety in the Workplace Regulation 14.
  • Meets Building Regulation Document N.

Play it safe and call Glasstint now on 01482 654 654