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Safety Film? What a Smashing I Deer…….

Wednesday 16th November 2011

Customers at a restaurant in Alpharetta, Georgia (USA), recently got more than they ordered when a deer crashed through the glass doors and ran around the building.

About 100 diners were eating at the restaurant, when the deer made its surprise entrance sending dangerous shards of glass flying everywhere.

It just shows that glazed areas can be a weak and vulnerable point of a building which can beĀ  capable of inflicting severe or even fatal injuries in the event of accidental damage.

As litigation becomes more prevalent, accidents involving glass can incur compensation claims and may increase insurance premiums. Installation of Glasstint safety and security films can help to protect against financial loss, reputation and disruption in addition to keeping people safe.

Glasstint Safety and Security Films can amazingly and instantly transform existing glass into super strength safety/security glass to meet United Kingdom and European Safety Glass Standards. These films are designed to make glass safer by strengthening against breakage and helping to hold dangerous shards of shattered glass in situations where breakage may occur.

A simple installation of Glasstint Clear Security Film can help improve your organisations security by providing an invisible protection barrier against forced or accidental entry through glass.

Feel free to contact Glasstint to see how they can help to improve safety and security within your building.