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M&S Simply Food – Solar Success

Wednesday 27th April 2011

M&S Simply Foods have recently benefited from the installation of Glasstint Solar Control film to help reduce the solar heat gain and glare into one of their new retail stores.

The Sentinel external weatherable high performance film, manufactured by Bekaert, is designed to reject a high percentage of solar heat and glare from passing through the external glazing system.

The inside of the store has many refrigerators to keep the food they sell in optimum condition and because the store faces south, sunshine can quickly raise the temperatures inside the building which can cause the refrigerators to work harder and to consume more energy which is used to power the refrigeration.

By installing a Glasstint solar film, it has reduced the amount of solar heat entering the building though the glass which results in a more balanced temperature inside the store.

M&S are committed to reducing their Carbon Emissions and by reducing the energy they use (with the installation of solar control window film) this helps the environment.

Both the staff and customers have also noticed an improvement with the glare reduction making it a more comfortable environment to work and shop.

Comments have been made saying the external appearance also looks more uniformed and visually appealing.

Work was carried out during normal trading hours and the Store remained open throughout the installation work with minimum disruption.

The recent warm temperatures in the UK have increased the demand on solar control film products which is set to increase as the summer approaches.

Here are some photos of the M&S Simply Food solar film installation being carried out by Glasstint staff during April.