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Make Improvements this Winter…..

Tuesday 1st November 2011

Windows can be a major source of heat loss in winter, so making improvements to counter this will help to save you energy and money.  Windows can be the least energy efficient part of the exterior of your business or home.  Glass itself can lose heat by transmitting it to the outdoors.Retail 3

One such way to help to counter this is by the cost effective installation of window film by Glasstint.

Not only does Glasstint window film help keep heat from passing through your windows during the summer time but it also helps to keep heat from traveling out during the cold winter months.

Glasstint window film applied to the inside of your windows will help to save you money, by reducing the amount of heat loss through the glass, and helping to reflect some heat back into the room.

This is great news for business and home owners alike as energy bills continue to soar.

Contact Glasstint now to see how they can help you to reduce your energy consumption and save you a few pounds this winter.