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Is the Winter Sun a Glaring Problem?

Friday 11th January 2013

Glare from the low winter sun can cause discomfort and even stress to a buildings occupants, either by shining directly into their eyes, or by preventing computer screens from being clearly visible.  When the glare is at this level for one or two people, it will probably be at a discomfort level for everyone.

Anti-glare film installed by Glasstint can help to eliminate glare, whilst still allowing excellent clarity of vision to the exterior.

Glasstint’s anti-glare film is particularly appropriate when helping to combat low winter sun which due to its angle can often cause more problems than the longer hours of high summer sun exposure.

Here at Glasstint we offer a range of non-reflective anti-glare films which help to maintain the natural look of a buildings exterior together with a range of reflective films which have the additional benefits of helping to reduce solar heat gain and increasing daytime privacy.

Not only does Glasstint window film help to keep heat from passing through your windows during the summer but it also helps to keep heat from travelling out during the cold winter months.

Contact Glasstint now to see how they can help you this winter.