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Improve your Efficiency without altering your Appearance

Thursday 12th September 2013

Installing solar control window film can be an effective method to improve the efficiency of your glazing with some of the latest window films being neither highly reflective nor darkly tinted making them barely perceptible once installed.

For building owners who wish to save energy year-round, Glasstint’s GL70 Glass-Lite Solar Control Window Film has excellent benefits.  This film barely alters the view outdoors, but it helps to block summer heat in addition to heat loss during winter.

Also, during winter, it still allows some free passive solar heat in through the glazing and helps to reduce that chilly feeling when you are near the windows.

Features & Benefits of GL70 Glass-Lite Solar Control Window Film include:

  • High visible light transmission is barely discernible on glass; yields high levels of natural daylight.
  • High heat rejection enhances comfort and reduces cooling costs.
  • Low reflectivity preserves views night and day.
  • 99% UV block cuts fading and sun damage.
  • Natural appearance maintains building’s original façade
  • Delivers a cost effective energy saving upgrade.
  • Installations are carried out by trained personnel with minimum disruption.

For further information about our GL70 Glass-Lite Solar Control Film please contact us on 01482 654 654