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Howzat….for Safety Film!

Tuesday 14th June 2011

For the second time in six weeks a broken window has caused controversy in the cricketing world.

The latest being England Wicket Keeper Matt Prior’s accident at Lord’s Cricket Ground last week, where his bat smashed a window causing injury to a female spectator.

Last month, the risk of broken windows at cricketing venues was highlighted when a cricket ball smashed through a commentary box at Taunton with shattered glass flying all over BBC Radio commentator Edward Bevan who fortunately turned away to avoid serious injury.Safety 1

Following these incidents, the UK authority of the glass and glazing industry – the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) has contacted the England & Wales Cricket Board offering free advice on how to prevent similar incidents re-occurring and causing serious injury.

GGF Chief Executive Nigel Rees commented “All sporting venues should ensure spectators are safe from such accidents especially where there is high risk of injury and in a worst case scenario even death. The Glass and Glazing Federation are happy to offer free advice, surveys and recommend our many member companies that specialise in safety glazed products”

With the GGF’s generous offer, the ball is now firmly in The England & Wales Cricket Board hands to ensure spectator safety is paramount in the sport.

Additional note from Glasstint (Northern) Limited – GGF Member Applied Film Group:

A quick and effective solution could be to install an anti-shatter safety window film which can hold broken shards of glass in place following an impact. Anti-shatter safety films conform with all the current UK and European regulations to provide additional safety and security benefits to existing glass.