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Home Owner Has Shattering Experience

Monday 6th October 2014

A home owner has recently had a shattering experience when he awoke for find his lounge window had completely shattered without any real apparent reason.

Mr Sherman could not understand it “It’s a mystery, nothing had hit the window or any impact against the glass, it just shattered.  I have been in touch with the glazing company, and our insurers to organise the replacement”. Fortunately the glass had previously been fitted with a window film by a local firm Glasstint and this kept all the shattered pieces of glass in place.

Had the window not been previously fitted with window film, it would have been horrendous trying to clean up all the tiny fragments of the glass from my furnishings and carpets.

The fact that there has been window film fitted by Glasstint must have saved the insurance company thousands of pounds in a cleanup operation which would probably have been the replacement of my carpets and having industrial cleaners to check and clean almost every item and furnishing in my lounge to ensure that no dangerous fragments of glass was left behind. 

Mr John Clark a Director of Glasstint, explained that sometimes on rare occasions with toughened glass, it can fail and shatter due to a technical term known as Nickel Sulfide Inclusion, it can cause a pane of glass to break and shatter into thousands of small fragments which can be very frightening and cause costly damage and inconvenience to property owners.

We fitted a window film to Mr Sherman’s lounge windows a few years ago to reduce the effects from the suns heat and glare and also to provide additional privacy. On this occasion the film has helped the glass to stay in one place until the replacement is fitted.

Residents in the area are stopping to have a good look at the window as it certainly looks unusual and is causing some interest for passersby.