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Glasstint Support Local Police Initiative

Friday 25th November 2011

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Glasstint are supporting a local Police initiative in helping to reduce festive car crime.

As reported in local newspapers 25th November 2011,  Police will be targeting vehicles and their owners who leave valuables on show and will be advising them with vehicle security in an extra effort in crime prevention.

With the use of some of the latest Glasstint film products, increasing privacy and security in vehicles is an easy way to deter many opportunist thieves.

The use of a dark tinted film applied to the rear windows and tail gate of vehicles will help to reduce opportunists to see into the vehicle.

Whether it’s a jacket or a loved-ones festive gift left by mistake on the back seat or the rear of the vehicle, a tinted window can help to prevent crime by reducing the view into the vehicle and reducing the potential for an opportunist to steal.

Some of the tonneau covers in estate cars and 4 wheel drive vehicles cannot fully cover certain items inside the vehicles boot compartment and this can result in items being on show, a dark tinted film applied to this glass can help to hide and help protect these valuables during transit.

For years, we have been helping tradesmen keep their tools out of view in the back of their vans with the use of dark tinted films, the films also increase security by helping to keep the glass together during forced entry.

There are many other benefits following the installation of Glasstint Films such as glare reduction, solar heat reduction, Ultra Violet reduction and privacy and increased comfort for the occupants.

This is a real opportunity, helping to keep the cheer and happiness in the run up to the festive period.