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From super injunctions to phone hacking to Glasstint…..

Friday 8th July 2011

Privacy 2

The word “Privacy” just can’t stay out of the news at the moment.

Firstly we have famous figures (without mentioning any names!) taking extreme privacy measures to keep their  lives quiet by taking out super injunctions at the high court.  It all seems very extreme.   Surely there’s a simpler way to keep private?

How about an installation of Glasstint Privacy Film.

Whether you want to keep out the prying eye, reduce vision into sensitive areas or observe without being seen the choice is yours.

Glasstint Privacy Films have many features and benefits:

  • Instant Privacy to existing clear glass.
  • Excellent for use in partition glazing.
  • Allows full light transmission.
  • You see out – No-one sees in.
  • Visible and physical security.

The current the big news story hitting us at the moment is that of peoples privacy being breached through mobile phone hacking.  This is an issue which has certainly got the public wound up due to the sensitivity involved.

One such way to help to prevent this is the installation of transparent window film which has been developed to help block or seriously degrade radio signal penetration.  While this is aimed at companies seeking to secure internal wireless communications, some organisations have investigated and installed this film to block mobile phone signals.

The film reduces electronic signal leakage through windows, a building’s point of least resistance, by serving as a transparent barrier that allows light to pass through, while minimizing transmission of wireless (WiFi), radio frequency (RF), and other electronic signals.

Why not get in touch with Glasstint to see how they can help keep your world more private.