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Does your Building Comply?

Tuesday 3rd July 2012

In order to comply with current legislation, non domestic buildings with large uninterrupted areas of clear glazing (internal or external) are now required to incorporate features to make the glass apparent.  These features are termed ‘Manifestation’.

In Part ‘M’ and ‘N’ of The Building Regulations, manifestations on glass are required at two heights: 855mm to 1000mm and 1400mm to 1600mm above floor level.  The manifestation should contrast visually with background seen through the glass in both directions and in all lighting conditions.

Here at Glasstint we can offer you a range of standard computer cut manifestations which generally take the form of 50mm frosted circles or squares with equal spacing between each shape (as seen in the photo below).

Alternatively you can use the manifestation as an advertising medium and incorporate all or part of your company logo into the layout.  We can assist you with this from the design stage right through to installation.

Remember it is a legal requirement to conform with current Building Regulations.

For an instant and cost effective solution to help you meet current building regulations or if you simply require further information please feel free to contact us on 01482 654 654