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Manifestations & Graphics

To comply with the current legislation for non domestic buildings, large and uninterrupted areas of transparent glazing are now required to incorporate features, which make the glazing apparent.  This is termed ‘Manifestation’ and it is a legal requirement to comply with current Building Regulations.

Graphic Manifestation applied to internal office partition

In Part ‘N’ and ‘M’ of the Building Regulations, manifestations on glass are required at two heights: 855mm to 1000mm and 1400mm to 1600mm above floor level. Manifestation should contrast visually with the background seen through the glass, in both directions in all lighting conditions.
It can take the form of a logo at least 150mm high, or a decorative feature such as broken lines or continuous bands 50mm high. Glazed entrance doors adjacent to, or part of, a glazed screen, are clearly differentiated from the screen by a high contrast strip at the top and both sides.

From standard frosted squares, circles and bands to company logos Glasstint can assist you from design stage right through to installation.

  • Helps the glass to be seen
  • Reduces the risk of injury or impact
  • Compliance with the current building regulations
  • Available in standard design layouts
  • Can incorporate corporate logo’s and graphics
  • Use as an advertising medium
  • Installed prior, during or following the glass installation.
  • Design can be changed at regular intervals if required to suit use of building or room.
  • Instant and cost effective.

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6 metre high lettering installed externally