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Health Authorities

Glasstint have worked for many years with Local Health Authorities offering them a full range of solutions to their many glazing issues.

Whether it is patient privacy and dignity, hygiene, health & safety together with solar heat and glare there is a Glasstint film to provide a range of benefits.

From our experience some typical concerns and statements are as follows:

“We need to improve patient privacy and dignity”

“Wards and rooms are uncomfortably hot”

“The sunshine is too strong and bright”

“Is our glass compliant with all the Health and Safety Requirements?”

“The consulting rooms need natural light as well as privacy”

“We need additional security to the glazing for certain patients”

“Our air conditioning struggles to cope during summer”

“We need to reduce the risk of infection by replacing curtains with privacy film”

“The external appearance of the building requires improvement”

“Can we reduce our Carbon Footprint and save money with use of window films?”

Glasstint have helped many Health Authorities and improved the comfort, hygiene and safety levels with the use of window films. We can also ensure you are meeting all the legal requirements related to the safety and security of your glass.

For more information please feel free to call us on 01482 654 654

Glasstint Solar Control Film to high level windows