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Glazing Surveys

Glazing Survey 1Glasstint can arrange to visit your building premises to carry out your glazing survey to fulfil a whole range of requirements. We can expertly assess the glass to determine the type within your building. Following this we can provide you with a brief or full depth report and documentation. This will help you to determine the most suitable application in solving your glass related problem.

Glazing Surveys can be carried out for the following:

  • Health & Safety Risk Assessments.
  • Workplace Regulations.
  • Building Regulations.Glazing Survey 2
  • Bomb Blast Mitigation.
  • Glass Containment Systems.
  • Heat and Glare Assessments.
  • Climate Change and Carbon Reduction.
  • Energy Reductions.
  • Ultra Violet Filtration.
  • Glazing Audits.
  • Peel Tests for Aged Safety Film.

For more information please feel free to call us on 01482 654 654