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UV Reduction

Ultra Violet (UV) radiation from the sun can lead to many problems with the human body. It can effect the eyes, skin, nervous system and lead to a reduction in the natural body’s defence system lowering a persons resistance to infection and illness.

The young can be particularly vulnerable and sometimes extra protection is required when someone is showing sensitivity to ultra violet radiation exposure.

The use of Glasstint UV reduction films when applied to glass windows, can reduce the transmission of UV by up to 99%

Glasstint have installed UV reduction films in many schools and universities to provide instant protection for both staff and students against this harmful

Glasstint UV reduction films are available in combination products such as solar heat reduction, privacy or safety films which provide additional benefits for all the occupants and users of these educational areas.

    • 99% Ultra Violet Reduction
    • Virtually undetectable when applied to glass windows.
    • Can be used as a combination product.
    • Upgrade existing glass to meet the safety glass standards.
    • Provides solar heat reduction
    • Increases privacy
    • Abrasion resistant coating
    • Instant cost effective protection

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