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Schools, Colleges, Universities and Educational Establishments all benefit from natural light through glazed areas.  However there can be significant problems associated with glass from solar heat and glare, health, safety and security and environmental issues.

From our experience some of the typical concerns and statements are as follows:

“The classroom gets too hot”
“The sunlight is too bright”
“We’re worried about pupils and objects falling against or hitting the glass”
“Health and Safety Inspectors have said we have to make our glass safe”
“Our air conditioning costs are excessive”
“We’re concerned about litigation following an accident with glass”

Glasstint have a range of Window Films which can help to solve some of these associated problems by reducing solar heat and glare, improving safety and security and helping the environment through carbon reductions and energy savings.  We can also help to ensure you are meeting all the legal requirements related to the safety of your glass.

Anti-Glare Film installed to entrance foyer